How to Register DSC on New Income Tax Portal

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1. Overview

The Register Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) service is available to all registered users of the e-Filing portal. This service enables registered users to perform the following:

  • Register DSC
  • Re-Register when registered DSC has expired
  • Re-Register when registered DSC has not expired
  • Register DSC of Principal Contact

All users who wish to use DSC are required to re-register their DSC on the new portal using ‘Register DSC’ service. The DSC registered on the previous e-filing portal will not be migrated to the new portal due to security and technical reasons.

2. Prerequisites for availing this service

  • Registered user of the e-Filing portal with valid user ID and password
  • Downloaded and installed the emsigner utility (the utility can also be downloaded and installed while registering DSC)
  • The USB token procured from a Certifying Authority Provider should be plugged in to the computer
  • DSC USB token should be Class 2 or Class 3 Certificate
  • DSC to be registered should be active and not expired
  • DSC should not be revoked

3. Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Log in to the e-Filing portal using your user ID and password.

Step 2: Go to the My Profile page from the Dashboard.

Step 3: Click Register DSC on the left side of the screen.

Step 4: Enter the email ID linked with the DSC token. Select I have downloaded and installed emsigner utility and click Continue.

Note: If you have to download the emsigner utility, you can click on the hyperlink for the same under Need Help.

Step 5: Select the Provider and Certificate. Enter Provider Password. Click Sign.

On successful validation, a success message will be displayed with the option to go to the Dashboard.

For the other scenarios of Registering DSC, please refer to the below table:

Re-register when registered DSC has expired After Step 3, the message Your Registered DSC has already expired. Please re-register a valid DSC is displayed. The process of registering a DSC in such a case is the same as explained.
Re-register when registered DSC has not expired After Step 3, the message You have already registered DSC. You can view details of your registered DSC, or update by re-registering is displayed. Click View to view the details and Update to update the same (by following Steps 4 and 5).
Register DSC of Principal Contact After Step 3, enter the email ID of the Principal Contact registered at e-Filing and proceed to register DSC following the same steps.

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